Saturday, January 15, 2005

What About The Writing?

I was so focused on the cover art problem yesterday I didn't say anything about writing .  Nothing about how the week went.

It was another four day week, but not because I went to the movies.  Each of the four days was hell.  I eked out about 3 pages a day.  The day I missed was because I was very tired and I just didn't want to write.

But did I follow my own advice and sit in front of the Word document for three hours? No.  I played with my computer.  Not games.  Surfing.  Writing email.

On the days I wrote I used a trick that I recommend.  I stopped at a continuation point each day, rather than stopping at a completion point.  What I mean is I left myself a kind of cliff hanger in the middle of a page.  So when I did write I made the starting point easier for myself.

An example would be:  I was surprised when I saw him because he looked so

Or:  I didn't know what I'd find in the bedroom but I slowly opend the door.

This almost always gets me going.  And it did but I didn't stay with it long enough.  Usually that trick has me hitting the keys all morning.

One thing I do have to remember is that I can't write as many pages in a morning as I could some years ago.

But who knows?  Perhaps next week will be different.  Of course it will be a four day week again.  As readers of this blog know I take every holiday I can.  Januar 17th, Martin Luther King's birthday, is certainly one I'll take.

On Tuesday I start a new chapter. It will be a new day in the book.  But I know what Faye has to do. 

I think.

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Ecks Ridgehead said...

I really like the idea of stopping for the day at a "continuation point" - I have real trouble getting myself started when I sit down to write. Thanks for the tip!