Saturday, January 01, 2005

The New Year

I made no resolutions.  Mainly because I don't have time to keep them.  On Monday I'll go back to writing the novel.  Do I dread it?  Guess.

Tomorrow, in preparation, I'll read what I've written so far.  I have to remind myself of what has happened and where I am now.  I have no idea.  I know who's dead and who hired Faye but that's all.  No. I don't remember who hired her.  I just tried to think of her name...I know it's a woman...and nothing comes to me.

This may be a function of age or more likely that I'm blocking it all out.

For obvious reasons, I haven't been recharged by my time off .  I did manage to finish one book I was reading and start another.  And I did watch a lot of videos and got to one movie with friends.

I have no desire to go back to writing.  I can't believe I have to do it in less than 48 hours.  Yes,  I'm counting hours now.

I know I have to do it.  And I hope that once I start I'll get into it and be a normal writer who has a hate/love relationship with her manuscript.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Francesca, I'm an Italian translator. My girlfriend is crazy about your books, every time she finishes your latest one she just waits for the next one! I got on your blog by chance and I look forward to letting her know about it, because I'm sure she'll be very happy to read it, even if she doesn't speak English so I think I'll end up translating all your blog for her! ;)
Well, I just wanted to send you this little thought... I'll be commenting again. Happy New Year!!! :)