Sunday, May 29, 2011

Short Story

I might as well mention this because people have been buying it without me ever giving it a push.  I've written a short story called, Tag Sale .  It's 99 cents. I put it up for another reason but that didn't work out.  Meanwhile quite a few people found it and bought it.  See what you think.  Let me know.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Sweet Untraceable You

The third book of the Lauren Laurano  series is finally available for $2.99. I had to u/l it 3 times because of formatting problems.  But it was there to buy in the wrong version and 3 people bought it.  So if any of you did you can exchange it if you wish.

I have 2 more to do and I wish I didn't.  But I can't leave the series unfinished.  It's almost summer and all I want to do is read.  I guess I'll be finished by July.  Maybe sooner.

There may be some Amazon/Kindle book sellers who are making a good living out of this, but not me.  I didn't expect to.  What makes me happy about this is that I'm getting a lot of new readers for my back list.

I hope some of you will get into this series because I think it's fun.  And so did a lot of other people and reviewers.  You can read these accolades if you go to the books.

Everything You Have is Mine is the first and the 2nd is I'll Be Leaving You Always

Try the 1st. It's $1.99 and if you like that you can go on to the others.  A long weekend is coming up, have Lauren spend it with you.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Today I'm lowering the price of Razzamatazz to 99 cents for a short time.

The last thing veteran reporter Colin McGuire , fleeing his job on a big-city newspaper in the wake numbing personal tragedy, expects to find in sleepy little Seaville on Long Island’s North Fork is murder. In a few short weeks Seaville has brought him friends, some comfort and perhaps more in the person of Annie Winters, who is also trying to build a new life. But as the murders multiply, so, too, do the questions and the doubts. Friends suspect friends, lovers suspect lovers and sooner or later a lot of people begin to suspect Colin.

The New York Times said:
"This is one of those down-to-the-wire stories, very well written, guaranteed to keep you flipping the pages."

"New writer Jack Early (Sandra Scoppettone) ranks with Leonard, Ludlum and King."

Tacoma, WA. News-Tribune

"Crisp writing, plus abundant surprises will keep readers riveted until the last page."
Publishers Weekly

You're going to love this book.
Sandra Scoppettone

Friday, May 06, 2011

Donato & Daughter

I've lowered the price on Donato & Daughter to .99 for a short while.  This is what Publishers Weekly had to say when it was first published:

“Topping his award-winning A Creative Kind of Killer and Razzamatazz Early’s third thriller combines a story of alienated family members with the case of a maniac who is murdering nuns in New York City. The suspense is unremitting.”

It says he/Early because that was me using my pseudonym, Jack Early.

And Sara Paretsky said:

“I liked the book. The complex family feelings between Donato and his mother, wife and daughter transform this into something more than just another police procedural. The shadow of Donato’s dead son hanging over the family provides a somber leitmotif for the contemporary action. Donato and Dina command both respect and affection and remind us all too clearly of our own complicated family relations.”

BTW, it was made into a movie with Charles Bronson and Dana Delany.  If you try to find the video I think they changed the title to Dead to Rites...or Rights. I can't remember and never knew why the title was changed. I was only the author, after all.