Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Materials Ready But Am I?

The scans have arrived.  Truthfully they arrived over a week ago.  I looked at one and tried to format a page.  I've forgotten everything.  I found a book that describes the steps.  Now I know except for one thing.  And I'm calling a friend to tell me what to do about that.

There are three books to do. I don't know when I'll start.  Maybe Thursday.  Maybe next Monday. Not starting on the weekend.  Now that I'm retired I still obey weekends. It's crazy.  Sometimes during the week I have to look at the paper to see what day it is.This isn't alarming. Lot's of retirees do this.

Before I work with the scans I want to put up another of my eBooks free for a day.  This worked well when I did it before with other books. But I don't do it.  I keep putting it off.  You don't simply say it's free and sit back.  You have to publicize it and that's the part I hate. I guess that's what I'll do on Thursday.  Going out tomorrow.  It's sounding more and more like I won't get to working on the scanned book before Monday.

I got a new novel from the library and I want to read it.  No time for work.