Saturday, March 19, 2011

Donato & Daughter

It was a week ago I wrote below that I'd be u/l my latest Jack Early book and then I'd be taking off a few days. Didn't happen that way. I had personal things to deal with but the process with the book took much longer than expected. For author I mistakenly put in Jack Early instead of my name which caused the Amazon Kindle people to question my rights, etc. I have the rights, of course. Still it made me anxious and worried. So it took days for it to become "Live" (which means that it's able to be bought.)

But before that I couldn't get the formatting to behave. Why is this always a problem? Of course it made me wonder what I was doing this for. The whole process is time consuming and now and then irritating. But I'm learning tricks to make it easier with each book I do.

This coming week (dare I make plans?) I'll start on the Lauren Laurano books. The first is EVERYTHING YOU HAVE IS MINE.

But for now it's DONATO & DAUGHTER. A father and daughter cop team chasing a serial killer. It's also a family story. This was made into a TV movie with Charles Bronson and Dana Delany. Here's the link to the book. DONATO & DAUGHTER

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Doing Ebooks

It seems like I've been proofing Donato and Daughter for the last 15 years.  Today I finished.  And now I have to do a cover before I can put it up there for you who haven't, can read it.

BTW, the Jack Early books are not a series.

You can't imagine how many times I wanted to throw in the towel.  But maybe if you're a frequent reader of this blog you can believe it.

I've always put real names in my books...the whole name or a friend's first and a different friend's  last.  I said that I was doing it because when I read it I'd know where I was when I wrote the book.  Of course, I never read the book again...until now.  It absolutely told me what I was doing, what was happening in my life, who my friends were and how I was feeling about things.  Reading the Jack Early books has been a fascinating adventure.

Next I'll start on my series starring Lauren Laurano, a detective who lives in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, New York.  There are five of these all published by Little Brown and Bantam.

I'm so happy D&D is over.  Now I can read a little more than I have been.  For awhile. Like tomorrow and Monday.