Saturday, June 19, 2010

Alive Again

I’ve been avoiding this because my thinking has been so fickle. Most of the time I’m content with my decision to call it quits, but then a snippet of an idea crosses my mind and I think, hmmm, or something more interesting, but then the actual idea of execution slaps me across the face and brings me back to sanity.

How many times have I written in this blog, I will, I won’t, I can, I can’t? So why bother posting that again? I guess I’m doing it to show I’m still alive. Or maybe there’s another reason. I won’t pretend that I know what that is.

I’ve been reading a lot and that always gets me going. "I could do better, I could never be this good." I have this urge to sit down and write a big long novel and do it by not worrying how it’s written or what it’s about. That would come later. I’d start with a character. Now that’s pretty crazy for me who has spent my career learning to use fewer words to tell a story.

So here I am again with a another one of these fleeting dilemmas. Probably tomorrow I won’t care at all. See what I mean? Fickle.