Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Plan

I'm planing two things.   One is that I'm going to put up another eBook. It's a book that was published eight years ago. It was titled BEAUTIFUL RAGE.  But now it seems that every other book is called Beautiful Something. I feel I have to change the title, but I hate to. Also I can't think of another title.

The other plan is that I'm going to put a chapter a week of a book I never sold, never tried to sell and never finished.  Why?

Honestly I don't know.  Maybe I'll know when I do it.

These plans don't take place for a few months.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


I hate it.  I was trying to do one thing in my blog and the whole thing changed.  I lost my list of books I recommend and I can't think how to get it back. Can't remember the name of it.  If anyone knows can you let me know?

Anyway I hate the way this looks now and I can't get my old blog back.  I'm going to go look at a movie...oh no I'm not.  I have to deal with my printer.  New ink.  Never done it before.  And it will be another change.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One More Book--Free For a Day.

Who remembers "Queen for a Day?"

The book is RAZZAMATAZZ and it will be free on the 14th of this month.  One day only.

I wrote it under the pseudonym Jack Early.

The last thing veteran reporter Colin McGuire , fleeing his job on a big-city newspaper in the wake numbing personal tragedy, expects to find in sleepy little Seaville on Long Island’s North Fork is murder. In a few short weeks Seaville has brought him friends, some comfort and perhaps more in the person of Annie Winters, who is also trying to build a new life. But as the murders multiply, so, too, do the questions and the doubts. Friends suspect friends, lovers suspect lovers and sooner or later a lot of people begin to suspect Colin.

This is one of those down-to-the-wire stories, very well written, guaranteed to keep you flipping the pages.
*New York Times

New writer Jack Early (Sandra Scoppettone) ranks with Leonard, Ludlum and King.
*Tacoma, WA. News-Tribune

Crisp writing, plus abundant surprises will keep readers riveted until the last page.
*Publishers Weekly

Clever plotting, unflagging suspense, authentic dialogue all adds up to firmly compelling, fully satisfying suspense.
*Kirkus Reviews

It is almost impossible to avoid being caught up in this marvelously well-told story.

I don't see how anyone can resist this!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another Free Book

This time it will be free for two days. Donato & Daughter starts its run on March 13th through March 14th.
Originally published  under my pseudonym, Jack Early.  Later it came out under my own name.

Here's a synopsis from the book jacket:

A serial killer is stalking nuns on the streets of New York. Can he be caught in time to prevent the next atrocious slaying, in time to keep the elite task force ranged against him from being taken off the case? Lieutenant Dina Donato leads this group of seven seasoned officers; but for her own partner she chooses the best cop for the job, her estranged father, currently exiled to one of the city’s worst precincts because of an old unsolved case involving his son.
In this multileveled thriller, a monstrous criminal must be identified; a troubled history; and a police lieutenant must confront everywoman’s task; the conflicting demands of job, child and, in Dina’s case, a love affair with another task force member.

Unrelentingly suspenseful, Donato & Daughter charts the excruciating, minute-by-minute search to find the psychopath whose ritualistic killings only begin to reveal something about him to the cops, while readers come to know him intimately and agonize as time after time he outwits the law.

In this complex story of an Italian-American family, the events satisfyingly converge in a climax both astonishing and shattering.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Free Book

On Monday, February 20th, my book,  A Creative Kind of Killer will be free for 24 hours. This is the first book I wrote as Jack Early. It was nominated for an Edgar and won the Shamus from The Private Eye Writers of America.

Take a look at the quotes and read what it says about the book.  What can you lose?

A Creative Kind of Killer

Tell your friends.