Thursday, January 20, 2005

Two Days?

I've managed to lose the better part of the week. I wrote Tuesday and Wednesday, but not today and I won't tomorrow. So this has been a two day week. My shortest yet.

Part of it is beyond my control. Actually, it all is except for Monday which I took on purpose.

I don't want to be sitting here on the 4th of July rewriting as I was last year. I want to have a summer.

Okay then. Pull myself together, right? Right. I'll try.

But I don't think this novel is gelling. Something about it is very wrong. Maybe I'll figure it out over the next three days. I'm reading a good novel. Sometimes that helps. Still, the way I feel today (depressed in case you didn't get it) I don't think anything will help.

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Suzanne said...

"Tomorrow, tomorrow. I love ya. Tomorrow. You're only a day away."Now imagine that song off key, off pitch, but sung with enthusiasm and feeling. Yeah, just like that. Sometimes it perks me up. Maybe it'll work for you too? I'm almost half way serious. :)