Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Up and Almost Running

No, I didn’t start writing on the 10th.  I couldn’t.  I was still knocked out from the procedure I had on Friday. Actually, the anathesia.  It was dumb of me not to realize that this would be so.  Sometimes I amaze myself that I live in such denial.

Today is the first day I feel well enough to be doing this.  Or much of anything other than reading and sleeping.

So my new target is Monday September 17th.  I honestly felt sad about not being well enough to start on the 10th. 

Now that’s what I call progress.


Anonymous said...

You'll be starting the day after my 31st birthday. While I'm just in the early stages of this maze called publication, I love reading your stories--good and bad-- about the journey at the later end of the maze.

Whether you publish this novel, or even finish it, it's amazing to see someone still putting words to the page. Bravo.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Back in the saddle in both areas. What could be better news.

Jessica Ferguson said...

Welcome back! :-)

Peter L. Winkler said...

Stuff happens. Soldier onward!