Saturday, September 22, 2007

Here I Don't Go Again

Yes, I'm giving up writing the book I started last week. I'm grateful that I didn't write more than 8 pages.

All along I've been questioning whether I could sustain reader interest in this one. I realized that I couldn't. If it's anything it's a short story. Maybe.

I can't make this work as a novel and I don't think I want to. Yes, I'm a little depressed because I don't have another idea. It's hard to adjust to not having as fertile an imagination as I once had.

I think I so wanted to start the "school year" with a new book that I pushed myself into writing something that really wasn't for me.

I'm going back to reading and thinking and hoping something will hit me that I can't wait to write. The truth is that even though I may complain while writing a book, I'm the happiest when I'm doing so.

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Jessica Ferguson said...

Well, Sandra, all I can say is -- I wish I had all your works in progress and chapters you've discarded. I know they're so much better than what I wrote and finished.

I just returned from a writer's conference in Dallas, and came home feeling I have a big mess in my completed novel. While sitting in one of the sessions, I was reminded of how I used to struggle to comb smooth my daughter's long hair, and how those little knotted up hair balls would give me hell and make her scream. In my mind's eye, I see way too many irritating hair balls sprinkled throughout my book. Big problems. I feel like I have a mess and wish I could trash the entire thing. I still like my idea, I just don't think I have the skill to pull it off. I won't trash it--not yet. I've got too much time invested in it, but I don't want to be working on it this time next year either. I'm getting antsy to start something new.

I'm wondering if instead of seeing those hair knots like my daughter had... maybe I'm identifying those hairballs my cat hurls up. :(

I have to say I really admire how you can recognize and trash something when it doesn't work. No matter whether it's eight pages or two hundred. I wish I had the courage to discard.

Praying you find an idea that is honestly you.