Sunday, March 25, 2007

Light Bulb

If I had a picture of a light bulb I’d put it here.  Yes, I have an idea.  Or the beginning of an idea.  Actually, that’s not true.  I have the whole idea, but not the middle.  Strange for me but I have the end.  Or what I now think is the end.  I have ideas about my protagonist.  And the title came to me this minute while writing this.  It’s a title I’ve used before.  A long time ago and in another medium.  I always wanted to use it again.

This idea requires research.  Research that might be great fun if it doesn’t eventually drive me insane.  I think it’ll be both hard and easy to write.  I know that’s confusing but I can’t explain or I’d be telling too much.  I never talk about a book I’m thinking of or writing.  I believe if you talk about it you don’t write it.  Talking it away, is what I call it. I may be telling too much now.

  I know that this could all crash and burn.  I’ll be disappointed if that happens, but after putting 200 pages in a drawer this year I think I’ll survive.

How did this come about?  After reading Laura Lippman’s new book it made me want to write.  That’s happened to me before after reading a good novel. This isn’t about competition. It’s the kick in the pants I needed.  That, coupled with all the reading I’ve been doing, relaxing, and not uselessly grasping for an idea.  Suddenly there  it was.  But it wasn’t anymore sudden than noticing your hair’s turned gray. 

Here’s the rub.  I don’t feel like writing.  Or giving myself a start date.  For now it’s enough to think about it….not talk about it.  I know I’ll hit the keys one of these days.

Congratulations are not in order. 


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about a great book inspiring you to work. The same thing happens to me, though it's not always with a book. Sometimes I'll see a great movie, or play, or even hear a great album, and feel inspired to create.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I experience the same thing all the time. Last night at the DSO during Pathetique, I nearly rushed out to write something down. Same thing with a good book, a good play, a good meal. Even, dare I say it, good sex.
More importantly, the best of wishes to you.

FizzWater said...

This reminds me of that great Updike quote:

"There are only two great days when you're writing: The day you first get the idea, when you walk around thinking about the possibilities, and the day the publisher delivers the box of books to your house."