Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Time for Lists

Everybody else seems to be making a 10 best book list so I decided to do the same. I read 61 books this year and I came up with about 20 bests, which surprised me.  But I had to narrow it down.  Very hard.  So I’ve made my list only fiction. They aren’t all crime novels  and they aren’t in order.  So if anyone cares, here they are.

1.) Case Histories – Kate Atkinson

2.) Die A Little – Megan Abbott

3.) The Washington Story – Adam Langer

4.) Magdalen Martyrs – Ken Bruen

5.) Strange But True – John Searles

6.) Bitch Posse -Martha O’Connor

7.) Deadfolk – Charlie Williams

8.) Taming the Beast – Emily Maguire (pub. US Jan 2006)

9.) The Bright Forever – Lee Martin

10.) The Wheelman – Duane Swierczynski 


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Mae West NYC said...

January is the perfect time to re-read SOME UNKNOWN PERSON by Sandra Scoppettone [and you can get a copy on Ebay]. January 26, 1906 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Starr Faithfull, who inspired this book - - as well as John O'Hara's 1935 bestseller: Butterfield 8. Also born in January (1905) was John O'Hara.
Happy January!