Monday, April 22, 2013

New Books

I've sent 3 more books to be scanned so I can turn them into eBooks.  I've gotten a lot of new readers with the eBooks I have already put up for sale.  My books are all ones I've had published and the new 3 will be, too.

The scans haven't come back yet but they will soon.  I'm going to take it slow but I'll post when they go live.


Picks by Pat said...

I'm glad to see much of your work is making it to electronic format. There's a whole new generation of readers that can discover your writing!

SoloNotSolo said...

I would dearly love to see "Trying Hard to Hear You" make it to ebooks - it had a huge impact me when I was young and I would love to have my own daughter read it in a couple of years - it may help her understand her aunt's (my sister) suicide - I think it should be a must read in junior high.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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