Friday, February 04, 2011

One Up, Seven to Go

Yesterday I u/l my first ebook to Amazon.  I've been screaming about the tedium of proofing but it's all worth it.  The book isn't showing yet because they had some questions about my rights.  I've put it up saying by Sandra Scoppettone writing as Jack Early. So it isn't there yet which is annoying.  Still, I'm sure it'll be up by Monday. This first book is A Creative Kind of Killer which was originally published in 1984 under the Early name.  No one knew who it was.  I'd published quite a few books under my own name before that, but not a mystery. So lo and behold it was nominated for an Edgar in the Best First category and won the Shamus for Best First.  Nobody knew who I was then either.  Someone else accepted the Shamus for me.  Anyway, my first 3 ebooks will be Early books. 

The big news is that my cousin-in-law has done the cover.  I think it's pretty damn good.  His name is Andy Little.  I thank him profusely.

When Creative is up I'll put a link here.
I'm actually looking forward to the next book which I'll start on tomorrow.  Who said I couldn't be flexible?

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Consuelo Saah Baehr said...

I can't wait to see it on Amazon. Congratulations on having a title up and also for being flexible.