Friday, January 21, 2011


It's cold here.  And windy. I live at the end of a long road. Sometimes trucks won't come down here.  I doubt whether UPS will today. So no Word software.

But maybe I'll be lucky and they'll leave it hanging on the mailbox which is on the street.  Sometimes they do that and say on their delivery pad that they've delivered it to the door.  Let them lie, I say.  As long as they leave it hanging on the mailbox I don't care about their morals.

I can track the package at Amazon and right now it's about an hour away.

If it arrives I'll uninstall the 2003 Word and install the new one. Then I can go back to being anxious or hysterical which ever is preferred.   What time I get it will dictate the process.  I think I won't begin actually working on the book until tomorrow.

The winds are howling.  And so am I.

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