Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Annoying Things

Good news and bad news.  I wrote again today and got a good chunk done.  I don’t mean that the writing is good…just that I did it.

BUT…I hate Word 2007.  I even bought myself a book called The Missing Manual.  It never has what I need.

When I finished my last word I hit the return, clicked on the icon for middle of page and to show a passage of time I did this *** .  First it made strange lines and borders and I’ll never know how I got out of that, and then it screwed up my entire format.  Two lines on a page.  Last lines of paragraphs in the middle of a line.  It took me 45 min. to get a format back.  Not the one I had, but something like it.  Something sane looking.  I’m thinking of going back to Word 2003. This is not what you want to do after writing.

Still, I got the work done and didn’t lose it.



pattinase (abbott) said...

It is so annoying when your computer and its programs dissuades you from writing. I can't think what program we have but I'll check. Only blogger gives us problems.

Jessica Ferguson said...

I'm so glad you're writing. I hate Word 2007 too. I looked at The Missing Manual. I chose two SIMPLE books: Plain & Simple, a SEE-HOW guide to Word, and Easy Computer Basics, Windows Vista Edition. Any time you want me to look up something for you, just email me.

I was trying to do some brochures, etc. Neither one of them answer all my questions though. Word 2007 has taken the joy out of having a new laptop. I do things accidently and I never get back to where I was...

I pray you buzz along this year with your writing in spite of Word 2007.

Unknown said...

Great whoops of delight over here too - that you are back to writing - wonderful.

Yes, word is a pain in the butt, I am having similar issues doing my Assignments - the Open Uni have gone all "electronic" - and, I HAVE to use word. Heap of "cussing" occurring here too.

Persevere, the effort is so worthwhile in the long run.