Wednesday, July 23, 2008


No second line has come to me.  I have no desire to find one. 

I thought about going back to writing YAs.  My agent has suggested it and so have friends.  I’ve published 5.  But the thing is that would require writing.

I did have a heady moment when I thought it would be okay to write one with another person.  And then the idea deflated like a sick balloon.

Since then (about a week ago)  I’ve felt hostile toward the act of writing.

Worse than that is that I can’t read.  I start something and then I put it down.  I’ve had periods like this before but somehow this one is making me mad.  Everything is making me mad.




pattinase (abbott) said...

Rent movies that you regard as comfort food. With me, it would be early Woody Allen. These horrid periods come and go. Sometimes within the same day. I always try to remind myself of that. But I don't always listen.

Laura K. Curtis said...

This has happened to me several times and they've always discovered a biological basis for it. Of course, I am epileptic, so it's different, but my epileptologist tells me I am her first patient who functions as her own EEG!

When I can't read fiction, I find nonfiction--especially books heavy on theory--can still hold my attention. It's a thought. If there's an area of study that has tempted you in the past, but you've thought "oh, I don't have the time/patience/energy to learn that", now might be a good time.

Barbara Martin said...

Perhaps you could do something other than writing or reading for awhile. You may need a hiatus from it just like people who work in an office need to get away for awhile to refresh their energies.

Sandra Scoppettone said...

A book came in from the library I've been waiting for and I'm reading. Well, 48 pages in 2 days, that is.

Barbara, it's a little late in life for me to do something else. And I've had a long hiatus already.

I don't feel mad anymore.

A said...

J'ai le même problème avec la peinture et le dessin, quand "la page blanche" me submerge j'ai souvent l'idée que si je peinds et dessine c'est parceque je n'ose pas écrire... fuite prétentieuse qui ne remplit d'aucune façon toiles et cahiers ou autres supports mais plutôt enfonce le clou dans ce vide terrible qui se comble discrètement au fil des jours.
le vide et le plein, y sommes-nous pour quelque chose? certes l'acceptation est une alliée efficace mais je ne sais pas être toujours sage.

Sandra Scoppettone said...

I'm sorry MTA but I don't read French. Anyone out there who can translate for me?

A said...

I'm sorry, my english is very bad.
Many unnecessary words in my french text.
when "the white page" submerge me I often idea I paint or draw because I'm afraid writing... Pretensious flight.
Also I speak about empty and full, and acceptation like a friend but its not so easy... I try .
good day for you.

Laura K. Curtis said...

Not very good translation of MTA's comment that I hope conveys the idea:

I have the same problem with painting and drawing; the blank page overwhelms me. I often have the idea that I paint and draw because I do not dare to write...that it may be a pretentious escape which does not cover canvases or fill books, but rather fills in some way the terrible void that itself fills each passing day.

The empty and the full, are we here for a reason? Certainly, acceptance is an effective ally, but I cannot always be wise.

Man, I really need to practice my French.

Sandra Scoppettone said...

Thank you so much for the translation. It sounds wonderful. I have a feeling your French is fine.