Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Still Crazy After How Long?

How long has it been? I don’t know. It seems like months. It is months? Huh. Actually it seems more like a day. That’s how much I’m enjoying it. It being not writing.

We all know that if I write again it won’t be this summer. That girl is still around and occasionally whispering in my ear. And sometimes I hear other things on TV or radio or even from the women I go to Curves with. And sometimes I write them down. But spending my time reading and watching movies seems to satisfy me right now.

Of course when I read reviews of books on blogs or in print it gives me a pinch. Notice, pinch not punch. I think, oh, sit down and write. And then I forget about it.

I’m beginning to suspect that the lack of discipline idea I wrote about a few posts ago isn’t going to fly. My schedule is too ingrained. I’m not going to be able to start at 11 or 1. That’s not me. If I start writing I’m sure I’ll go back to the schedule I’ve been on for 50 years.

And should I write this book that’s now and then in my mind it shouldn’t take me very long. It’s that kind of book, unlike my last fiasco. The 200 pages I abandoned. This one should be fairly easy. Of course none of them is easy. It’s all comparative. The one I’m vaguely entertaining should be easy in comparison to some others I’ve written. Maybe I’ll find out, maybe I won’t.

Anyway, I thought you should know I’m here and not writing. And crazy.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Okay. I'm back from the lakes and here to say, I was with you until the last line. You're not crazy. You're just on an extended break until you feel like doing it again. And if you don't, it's okay too. No one has to keep doing it if it's lost its charm. Why is it only creative people feel they have to keep going? Everyone else gets to retire. Anway, one vote for "not crazy."

Jessica Ferguson said...

Two votes for not crazy! :)
I'm thrilled when I click on your link and see you've posted something. I check in about three times a day -- so what a nice surprise. I finished your book, and now I'm tearing my hair because I've misplaced the other one. If you could see my house you'd understand. I have books and papers everywhere. For some reason I think I have to print out every interesting tidbit I find on the Internet. Yep, I'm blonde - or used to be. :)

One of these days you're going to wake up and walk straight to that computer and start writing! That's what happened to me... after about 8 years. LOL

Sandra Scoppettone said...

It was a joke...the crazy part. And it fit with my title. I'm glad you don't think I'm crazy, but it was all about rhythm, if ya get my drift.

Writers and artists don't retire. We can't. It's in us to go on. You'll see.

Jessica Ferguson said...

Hi Sandra, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I totally agree with you -- such a proposal is ridiculous as far as I'm concerned. But, remember I've switched to the inspirational market where everything seems more least to me.
:( Every day I think about returning to my old agent and general writing. I'd sure love to have your track record!

Does this sound better?

A principal endangers her school when she tries to clear the name of a former classmate she unjustly accused of terrorism ten years ago.

{{sigh}} I'm just not good at this sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

You have a link to my blog on your site. That makes one vote for crazy. But crazy is good, life is boring without crazy.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Over on the women of mystery blog they are talking about cliches today, so let me sing one for you.

Hmmm. (Just searching for the right pitch.)


I may not sing well, but I do sing loudly.

And if the time you have been "not writing" seems more like a day than months and months, well then, you just make that day last as long as you need it to last.

After all, you just said that writers don't retire, so I guess you are just on a break.

I can sing again if you like.