Tuesday, February 08, 2005

One More Time

Did the weekend refresh me?  Not a bit.  I did another chapter yesterday.  It was okay.

But when I didn't want to get out of bed today, I knew it wasn't okay.

I talked to a writing friend who said maybe I should chuck this and start over with a new plot.  I almost sank to the floor thinking about this.  My friend made some suggestions for going about this new plot attack.  They were good.  And I decided that's what I'd do.

While I got dressed I thought about it.  I have five and a half months to my deadline.  Doing some research now and starting over in about a week or so seemed impossible.

So when I came to my desk I decided to give this plot one more shot from a different angle.  I just finished writing chapter 1 for the third time.

I think I've gotten myself out of even more corners.  But is it interesting this way?  I don't know.  Is it fun writing it?  No.  But, hey, where is it written that I should have fun doing this?

My trusty reader will take a pass at this new chapter this afternoon.  And if it's okay I'll start rewriting chapter 2 tomorrow for the third time.

I'm aware that I might rewrite five or six more chapters and come to the same conclusion I came to this morining.  Dump it.  And if that happens I'll start a new book with four months until deadline.  Yes, I know they give you leeway, but not that much.  And I like to make deadlines.  I always have.

I've never wanted to know who did it more than I do now.

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Hollowbone Crone said...

Hi Sandra,
I'm facinated by the process you are experiencing. I live with a writer (one book published and another in contract)and she prefers to start with the end scene, along with anything that interests her in between; then, somewhere along the way, the web that has been weaving itself will reveal a pattern that becomes the novel. The absolutely critical factor, however, is knowing the end before the first word hits the page. Her process facinates me.

Where I usually notice a hitch in the flow of creative people is when something, (usually) unconscious and personal, but related to the story, wants to stay in the shadows. Some hidden insight that like the killer doesn't want to get caught and yet can't help leaving the tiniest clue that screams, "Hey you. Notice me!" The absence of a clue is still a clue. So I guess when I read your most recent post I wondered, "Hum, what about the ending could be so powerful that this wonderfully talented writer would prefer to spend precious effort rewriting the known chapters rather than plunging into the Mystery?" Perhaps this blog is the killer, or perhaps the book doesn't want to be born. Perhaps they are twins battling it out to see who survives.

Or, perhaps a cigar is still just a cigar and these are your usual labor pains. At any rate I appreciate that you are sharing your thoughts. Makes for good reading.