Thursday, September 30, 2004

Bookstore Non-Event

Because a tree had fallen across my long driveway I couldn't get out yesterday.  And the town couldn't come until today to clear the huge tree.  So that meant that I couldn't appear at DEAD END BOOKS to speak about BEAUTIFUL RAGE.

I felt terrible about this because the bookstore had promoted my appearance but there was nothing to be done.  The owner was very kind and understanding.  He wanted to reschedule but for personal reasons I can't.

Also because I'll be starting the new book. When I'm writing I find it almost impossible to do other things. I don't do much socially and never do anything connected with book promotion.  It's very important for me to lead a circumscribed life.  I write in the morning and spend afternoons doing chores and reading.  Evenings I watch a video or read.  The more I describe this, the more it sounds like I lead a boring life.  But it isn't boring to me. This is the way I need to live to write a book. 

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Layrayski said...

sounds like heaven to me. =)