Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Susan Sontag

She died today at the age of 71. I couldn't read her, and though I didn't know her well, I didn't especially like her. But I do have a funny story about her...and me.

When we were in our middle twenties we met at a party. I had just published a small book called SUZUKI BEANE, illustrated by Louise Fitzhugh. It was the first thing I'd ever published and even though it was a novelty type book (sort of like ELOISE) I was pretty full of myself. Susan and I chatted and I asked her what she did. She answered "I'm a writer." And I thought, "Oh, sure, everybody's a writer."

Boy was I surprised a few years later.

I want to add that I respect what she did with her life as a writer and an activist.


caroarchi said...

first of all, I was very happy to receive your mail a few days ago with your new site adress
and then, happy again about discovering your blog
great this is very good beginning for this year. I hope it 'll be a very good one for you and wish you (and yours) all the best!

2004 finished with in others bad news, the death of susan sontag. I didn't read a lot from her but I read about her, articles, newspaper, etc... her death made me really feel sad.
I liked and respected fully the way she lived and the courage and voice she had, even if I didn't share all her positions. most of all, I love the work of Annie Leibowitz.
newspapers in france didn't say a single word on their relationship. I know s. sontag didn't speak about it neither, so I shouldn't feel surprised of this silence; may be , but , I don't know, I find this matter of fact awfully sad. I mean , you share the live of someone for more than 20 years, she dies at 71, and newspapers say" she was married at 20 , got a son, and divorced for never get married again". that 's it. is it a choice or a consequence?
of course she couldn't get married again... how can A. L. stand it? It drives me crazy to read this biography
even if famous, even if activist, she must feel absolutely alone. or she is really strong. or I am really to sensible. I feel sad and angry.
by the way , S.S. will be buried in france, do you know where and when this week?
thank you for your work madame Scoppettone . thank you for your transparency

Kurt said...
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