Sunday, December 12, 2004

Irritating Things

My editor didn't seem to understand 2 out of 3 complaints I had about the cover art.  This surprised me. The hemline is being changed but I have a feeling that the body distortion will still be there.  As for the shoulder bag, my editor said he thought it was a  holster.  No one would wear a holster over their coat.  A shoulder holster is worn underneath a jacket or coat.  And my protagonist wouldn't wear one ever.  I'm not looking forward to this discussion this week.  There seems to be a rush on this but it's not my fault that the art department couldn't look in a book or on the Internet to find out what people were wearing in the 40's.  I hope I don't have to drag my agent into this.

I've almost completed the page proofs.  They would've been done by now but I've been working on a new website with an artist long distance.

Anyway, I hate the book again.  And it really makes me not want to write the next in the series.  Maybe I'll be dead by the time they want a third.  Very cranky here.


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