Sunday, December 19, 2004

Plan Nothing

I don't have my 100 pages before Christmas and I won't.  My partner fell off a table and broke her leg.  This means I have to do everything.  Especially in these first two weeks.

I want to start on the novel again the first weekday of 2005.  I can't imagine that things won't be better by then...but as I said...don't plan.

I never intended to write between Christmas and the New Year anyway.  I always take that week.  I use it to recharge, read and go to movies.  I don't know how much time I'll have to do any of those things.

I still haven't seen the revised cover art and my editor goes away on the 21st until after the New Year.  Unless I get something tomorrow I won't know until 2005.  It would be nice to see it but I'll live.  They've posted the jacket on their website and I'm hoping that's for a reason I don't understand and not because that's the jacket they intend to use.  Because if it is I intend to call my agent and let her cause a fuss.  She's very good at that.  The best.

I have to go now and see what's in the fridge so I can make dinner.  And then do the dishes.

This sucks.


Lee Goldberg said...

I really enjoy reading your posts... and have referenced several of them my own blog.

My sympathies to your partner... and to you. I know how that is.

Last April, while in the midst of writing and producing a TV series (Lifetime's MISSING) and a mere eight weeks from the deadline on a novel (DIAGNOSIS MURDER #3 THE WAKING NIGHTMARE), I tripped and broke both of my arms, one of them very severely. In fact, I had a major operation on the arm again last month...and am recuperating now.

For my wife, of course, it was hell. I couldn't do anything for myself. Anything. And to make it worse, I was determined not to miss a single deadline... on the show or my book. I got dictation software so I could keep writing and had the writers on the show meet at my house. I pushed myself to keep working...and managed to make all my deadlines. Of course, now I have no excuse if I have to miss a deadline in the future, my editor or studio exec will just say to me "you delivered with two broken arms, and you can't deliver the book on time now? Get back to work!"

It's a nightmare I hope I never have to experience again...but I am certain that trying to meet those deadlines, and keep writing, actually sped up my recovery and healing.

WordsRock said...

Fell off a table?! Broke her leg?! Yikes.
My wishes for her speedy recovery.

For you, I wish extra patience and time to enjoy at least some of your downtime over the holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Let's Face The Music And Lament.