Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Gambit

No words on a page yet.  So I’ve decided to try something unusual, to me at least.  I think I made it up.

Yesterday I found a list of fifty noir movie titles on the Internet.  I copied them and then pasted them in my Word program.  I printed the list, then cut them up into one title strips.  I put them in a box. Today I had nasty little errands, but tomorrow I’ll pick one of those strips and make it my first chapter.

I have no idea if this will produce anything worthwhile, but I’m going to try to just take a flyer on this.  Who knows.  It may amount to nothing.  But at least it’ll get me writing something. 

More will be revealed.


Bill Peschel said...

If you want to throw in an image at random, try one of the online I Ching sites. Maybe the combination of the two will get you sparking.

MissWrite said...

If nothing else, this seems REALLY interesting and fun. I think I'll give that a sometime.

Dean said...

Yah, I think that sounds like a pretty good idea, even if it doesn't produce a book.