Monday, January 09, 2006

First Day

I did it.  I started a new … what?  Let’s call it a book.  I picked a title out of the box.  It was Asphalt Jungle.  That is chapter one.  I wrote four pages.  I have no idea what this is about. I’ll continue this chapter tomorrow.  I know the name of at least one of the characters (this novel may have multiple points of view) and will go on with him for now.

The galleys for TOO DARN HOT arrived today.  They aren’t like the galleys for THIS DAME FOR HIRE.  That one looked like the eventual book.  This is the usual galley which signifies nothing to booksellers except that this is another mystery by Scoppettone.  I can’t say that I’m surprised by this, although it would’ve been nice to have a galley that was the same type as the first book.


Dr. Lisa said...

Horray! Writing happened!! You rock.

I completed my manuscript today--just a paper, but I'll take anything I can get.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Are you aware of the Sterling Hayden movier? I saw it about a week ago.

Sandra Scoppettone said...

Of course I'm aware of it. That's where I got the name. I guess you didn't read the post explaining this. I took the titles of 50 noirish movies and cut them up into strips, put them in a box and picked one without looking. That first one was Asphalt Jungle. And that became my first chapter. If and when I get a whole book, those title names will be deleted and will read One, Two, etc.

This is meant to get me writing as I didn't (still don't) have an idea. I'm tricking myself. And it's working. Tomorrow I'll pick another title as I finished Chapter One (Asphalt Jungle) today.

Keerdin said...

Hey, I just read your book, "This Dame for Hire." I finished it in less than 24 hours and I thought it was great!

I did guess "who dunnit" but trust me, that didn't ruin it for me. :)

I thought Faye was a great character, really appealing. She was tough, and human, and feminine without being a pushover. I liked her accent a lot, too -- and the fact that you dropped the apostrophe usually used when dropping a "g." It seemed a lot less fussy to me.

Anyway, I'm glad you're writing, and I hope you publish lots more mysteries about Faye Quick!

--Alice (

P.S. I'm a writer too, although I don't have a book published, and have never written a real mystery -- mostly sci fi and fantasy. (I'm one of those people.) :)