Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's June 28th, 2005

My publication day.  The big non-event.  Don’t believe me?

My day so far:  Got up, ate the usual breakfast. Read part of the NYT’s. Gave one cat her pills.  Cleaned the litter box. Made the bed. Got dressed.  Came into my study and began working on this book that you’ve heard so much about.

Tonight? The usual. Regular dinner.  Ball game.

No call or anything from my editor.  But there may be a good reason for that.  Yesterday I made a huge fuss about the title.  I didn’t want to use the one we’d settled on.  He was not pleased.  Some tart emails back and forth.  Then a phone conversation.  He made a strong case for the title.  I gave in.  Still, I don’t think he’d be too inclined to wish me anything today.

My agent is in France so no word from her.  Even if she was in NYC I wouldn’t hear from her about it being Pub day.  Listen to what I’m telling you: Non event.

I think I’ll finish this book tomorrow.  Then I have to print it out.  And get it the hell out of here.

The title is: TOO DARN HOT


JD Rhoades said...

Heh! Well, there's a built in musical tie-in, which I always like.

Cheer up, hon. They made me change MY name.

Sarah said...

I guess "According to the Kinsey Report" wasn't an option?

I kid. I love the song (hell, I used the title in the weekend update header on Sunday!) and it's certainly something Faye Quick would say, IMO.

David J. Montgomery said...

I like the title!

Don't sweat it (no pun intended).