Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Irritating Line Edit

Started this on Monday…the line edit, that is.  Although I don’t take everything that’s suggested by my first reader (I don’t have a second reader) she’s very helpful.  She’s also irritating, annoying and a pain in the ass.  So why do I let her do this?  Because ultimately she helps me make my book better.

She catches things I don’t see because I’ve been too close.  She questions things I’ve tried to get away with. 

I have one rule.  Don’t touch my dialogue.  Does she adhere to that?  No.  She tries to get  around it by suggesting dialogue above mine.  I pay no attention.  Mine is better.

Do I enjoy this process?  Yes and no.  So far (I’m on page 103 of 500) we haven’t had a screaming fight.  Perhaps we’ve grown up? 

There are about 400 pages to go.  I’ll keep you posted on the maturity level.


dunsany said...

I have the same rule.

JD Rhoades said...

Having friends who'll tell you when you're wrong is a blessing. Fortunately, I am well supplied.