Wednesday, May 18, 2005


That’s what it is.  I’m almost finished reading it and the mistakes and repetitions are  horrible.  If I didn’t know better I’d think I’d written this drunk.  I’ll finish this phase of the process tomorrow.  And next comes putting changes in the computer and rewriting where I’ve indicated.

It really does seem to be an awful mess.  Except the dialogue.  But even that has me baffled in some places like this:

    “They only came up once when she told me they didn’t speak to her sister anymore.”           

    “She got any brothers or sisters?”


I mean really. The same page?  The next sentence?


You see now what I’m up against?



Lisa said...

I'm embarrassed to say it, but I'm comforted to know that even well established writers like yourself have issues with their writing. I am currently writing my first novel and at times I'm very pleased with the progress while at other times, I'm simply horrified. Now almost to completion with 65,000 words behind me (written in six months), I'm sick to think of completing the editing stages because I have so many questions on the best way to complete the novel. The plot worked its way quite nicely but transitions aren't smooth and grammar can always be edited. Sorry to ramble. In any case, thanks for sharing your frustrations, it gives me hope that I too can overcome these struggles and actually move forward.

Have a great day! Enjoy the journey.
Please check out my fairly new blog if/when you get a chance. I have a few blogs sharing a few parts of a short story I'm writing and my thoughts. However, my novel isn't posted. Thx!

kitty said...

Hell, I'm not embarrassed to say it. YEE-HAW! Successful writers suffer the same writing problems as I do! Not that I'm happy about your problems, SS, but it's nice to know when in my darkest hours of writing I am not alone.

Sandra Scoppettone said...


I couldn't find an email address for you anywhere on your website. So I'm answering you here. And I guess that's best. Actually it isn't really an answer since you didn't ask a question.

You say you're glad to learn that "Successful writers suffer the same writing problems as I do"

This is exactly the reason I started this blog. I wanted writers, who are just beginning or who are on their way, to see how hard it is and not get discouraged. And, as you say, know they're not alone.

So thanks for your comment because it helps me know that the blog is helping some.

You, too Lisa.

JD Rhoades said...

Hang in know it gets better.