Monday, May 30, 2005

No Holiday For Me

Hope you all had a good time.  I was at my computer all weekend while you were cooking hotdogs and swimming and playing whatever people play these days.

I did have one evening.  But my days have been right here at this keyboard.  I guess I’m about halfway through the rewrite.

I have to confess I will be taking Weds. off as it’s my birthday.  Don’t ask. Just know I deserve it.

I’m finding this process of my first rewrite very valuable.  I use that word because I’m learning things about writing as I go.  It’s never over, folks. 




Pen said...

Happy Birthday, Sandra! Best wishes for the re-write.

WordsRock said...

Happy birthday to you! You can thank me later for not singing out loud.

And have a pinch to grow on. ;)