Sunday, September 19, 2004


This past year I wrote the first book of a new series.  THIS DAME FOR HIRE will be published in hardcover next June or July by Ballantine.  This was a two book deal with the second book due by July 1st, 2005. 

Have I started it yet?  Guess.  I know who the victim will be and that's all.  I have most of the characters because this is a series.  That's both good and bad.  Good for the obvious reason and bad because I don't get to create that many new people. 

The  thing is I'm tired. I don't feel like writing yet.  I turned in the first one mid-July. 

So, I'm stalling. Since it takes place in New York 1943 I tell myself I have to read this, I  have to read that.  But I did a lot of research to write the first one.  Nevertheless....

I've given myself a start time.  October 4th.  That's a Monday.

I don't have to know much more than who the victim is. I never know who did it until way into the book.  So when October 4th comes around I won't have any excuses even if I don't know any more than I do now.

I hope my editor never reads this.



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