Sunday, September 26, 2004

Getting Ready

As my self-imposed deadline approaches I realize there are certain things I must read.  The new book will take place in the summer of 1943 in NYC.  I've already done a lot of research for that year but I need to do more. This week I should read OUR MOTHERS' WAR American women at home and at the front during world war 11 by Emily Yellin. I'm sure it'll be interesting but I've always resisted reading things I HAVE to read.  Besides, there are other books I want to read that have nothing to do with my research.

I also have to think of a good opening line.  And a title. I don't have to have a title but I like having one.

And if anyone cares or reads this I'm appearing at DEAD END BOOKS in Hicksville, New York on the evening of the 29th to read from BEAUTIFUL RAGE and do a Q&A plus sign books if anyone should buy one.  I hate doing things like this.

I had to tour a great deal during the years I wrote a series ...'91 to '98.  I eventually came to enjoy reading from those books because they were funny and I liked the laughs.  I also became good at it.  And I got over my fear of flying because on one tour I had to take a plane every day for 10 days.

I wouldn't want to do any of that again.  It's really not fun. You don't get to see anything except the airport, your hotel room and the bookstore you're doing that night or afternoon.

The reason I'm not looking forward to Weds. night is because what I'll be reading isn't funny.  And I can't believe anyone will come.  Still, this only requires a drive of about an hour and a half each way and then it will be over.

I have to resign myself to the fact that I'm doing it.  Bah, humbug.


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