Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Sweet Untraceable You

The third book of the Lauren Laurano  series is finally available for $2.99. I had to u/l it 3 times because of formatting problems.  But it was there to buy in the wrong version and 3 people bought it.  So if any of you did you can exchange it if you wish.

I have 2 more to do and I wish I didn't.  But I can't leave the series unfinished.  It's almost summer and all I want to do is read.  I guess I'll be finished by July.  Maybe sooner.

There may be some Amazon/Kindle book sellers who are making a good living out of this, but not me.  I didn't expect to.  What makes me happy about this is that I'm getting a lot of new readers for my back list.

I hope some of you will get into this series because I think it's fun.  And so did a lot of other people and reviewers.  You can read these accolades if you go to the books.

Everything You Have is Mine is the first and the 2nd is I'll Be Leaving You Always

Try the 1st. It's $1.99 and if you like that you can go on to the others.  A long weekend is coming up, have Lauren spend it with you.

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bluestar said...

I can confirm that the Lauren Laurano series is great! Read them all & have to accept that there will be no more. :(