Friday, May 06, 2011

Donato & Daughter

I've lowered the price on Donato & Daughter to .99 for a short while.  This is what Publishers Weekly had to say when it was first published:

“Topping his award-winning A Creative Kind of Killer and Razzamatazz Early’s third thriller combines a story of alienated family members with the case of a maniac who is murdering nuns in New York City. The suspense is unremitting.”

It says he/Early because that was me using my pseudonym, Jack Early.

And Sara Paretsky said:

“I liked the book. The complex family feelings between Donato and his mother, wife and daughter transform this into something more than just another police procedural. The shadow of Donato’s dead son hanging over the family provides a somber leitmotif for the contemporary action. Donato and Dina command both respect and affection and remind us all too clearly of our own complicated family relations.”

BTW, it was made into a movie with Charles Bronson and Dana Delany.  If you try to find the video I think they changed the title to Dead to Rites...or Rights. I can't remember and never knew why the title was changed. I was only the author, after all.

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