Friday, August 01, 2008

One Step Forward

I can read again.  I’ve almost finished a novel.  And I think my not writing might have something to do with a situation I can do nothing about.  The situation will change, but I don’t know when.

It’s not magic and I know it doesn’t mean that when the situation changes I’ll plunk myself down here and bat out the first chapter of something. 

But I do notice that I have a sense of longing.


Laura K. Curtis said...

That's great news. For me, the not being able to read is worse than the not being able to write. Without reading, there is no escape.

MTA said...

Oui ce n'est surement pas magique mais cet infime moment ou l'âme est atteinte et permet au coeur et au cerveau d'agir est en effet imperceptible.
Je remercie Laura à mon tour pour la traduction de mes quelques lignes.
J'espère qu'elle sera prête à traduire encore si je continue d'envoyer des commentaires.
A bientôt je pense.

Laura K. Curtis said...

I'm assuming a translation is required, so I will give it another go. (I'm practicing--I actually need to do that since I am hoping to be able to interview a gendarme at some point. But at present I am making a lot of use of babelfish!)

Yes, this is certainly not magic, but rather this tiny moment where the heart is reached and permits the heart and mind to act is imperceptible.

(Then she thanks me and says she hopes I will be available if needed in the future.)

See you later, I think.

MTA said...

Thank you very much Laura.
I think is not... where the heart is reached but... where the soul is reached.

I shall go somewhere else, without computer, during about one month. When I come back I shall write in english my comments.

Good summer for you two.

Sandra Scoppettone said...

Thanks, Laura. I didn't expect you to keep doing the translation, but I appreciate it.

MTA, thanks for your comments. Glad you'll be writing in english from now on.

Barbara Martin said...

Glad to hear this, Sandra.

I'm sorry I was unable to assist with a translation for the last post, but my French is very rusty. Sad, considering my country is bilingual.