Sunday, August 10, 2008

My life goes on but my writing doesn’t.  I think it was Freud who said that to have a happy life you need both love and work.  I have one but not the other.  I’ve had both and I was happier.

So sit right down and go back to work, you say.  It’s not so simple.  I keep thinking that I’ll do that in the fall despite my insistence of retirement.

It’s true that I was tired of the routine, but I’ve had a rest and now I feel I want to write.  Perhaps that’s because at this moment I can’t. I may be fooling myself.  Once I can I might not want to.  That remains to be seen.

The point is that at this moment I feel I want to write, feel I would if I could.


Josephine Damian said...

Sandra, on 9/8, I'm going to start a blog series on Internet addiction, and in particular, how Internet use is re-wiring our brains and affecting our abbility to focus, especially when it comes to reading and writing.

I do hope you'll stop by, and more so, that my blog series offers some explanation of, and help for the troubles you've been writing about here.

Shirley LaChance said...

Hi Sandra
I just discovered Too Darn Hot - read in one night, laughed out loud repeatedly. The next day I bought This Dame for Hire. Faye Quick is wonderful and the WWII setting is so much fun - I have never lived there before. Why don't we have Gold Star stickers in windows to remind us of the real cost of Iraq.
I find it difficult to use/accept the word "retired" and really am offended if someone presumes I am "retired" - it feels that I am saying I am without ambition, usefullness or purpose.
Whatever you future decision, thank you for Faye Quick - I willbe disappointed if she does not reappear.

Sandra Scoppettone said...


Faye Quick will not appear again as my contract wasn't picked up.

Barbara Martin said...

Sandra, you may need a longer period away from the writing. However, since you now have a desire to write perhaps you should hold off a little longer until you have that burning desire to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.