Sunday, January 06, 2008

And Once More

Tomorrow I’m going to start a new novel.  I’m very anxious about this because I’m approaching it differently from how I usually do.

I know the beginning and the end.  But I don’t know the middle. Normally I never know the end.  Only the beginning.  So I guess I never know the middle.  What makes me feel nervous about not knowing the middle is because I know the end.  I see that now.

If I don’t know the end then I don’t think about the middle.  There is no middle. I wish I didn’t know the end.

I have to approach this as though I don’t know the end and then see what happens. 

Usually I write a novel with a particular discipline.  Private Eye, Police Procedural, etc.  So I know how to get to the end.  That’s not true. I’ve written a number of novels that didn’t fall into any sub genre.  I’m making too much of this.

Here’s the thing:  I simply have to sit down here tomorrow and start.  What could be so hard about that?


Bill Crider said...

The two most terrifying words to type: Chapter One.

At least that's what I've always found.

pattinase (abbott) said...

So don't type Chapter One. Just type the first word. And the middle is a long way off. If you start it, it will come.

Jess said...

My goodness, I felt my stomach knotting as I read your words.
I'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow and I expect a good report! :)

I won't tell you the two most terrifying words to me.

S. J. Powers said...

I too hate knowing the end before I begin! It takes the surprise out of it all...But maybe you only think you know the ending. Maybe your characters will say otherwise... ya know?

Hang in there!