Sunday, August 12, 2007


Why am thinking about writing this book that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a few months?  What do I know about the things I’d have to include?  Who would be interested in this? 

I’ve said to myself and maybe here that I would probably start after Labor Day.  That’s 21 days away.  On Labor Day I’d be facing writing the next day. When I think of that it makes me sick.

If I start in September and don’t have interuptions (this has never happened) it’ll take me four to six months to complete a first draft.  And another one or two to rewrite.

And then what?  Give it to my agent?  She’ll hate it.  So maybe I’ll have to find another agent.  Not easy.  Or maybe my agent will decide to try and sell it.

Nobody will buy it.  Or even if somebody does it will fall through the cracks and three people will read it.

Why bother?

I’m going back to bed.


JD Rhoades said...

Because if you don't write it, it'll keep nagging at the back of your mind and make you crazy.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I agree with jd. You've been thinking about it too long not to write it. Submit it under another name if that takes some of the pressure off. But at least write it; the unwritten novel will never make you happy. Maybe it will be the best thing you've ever written.

Jess said...

I've never known anyone who sounds so much like me! I reason and figure and plot and plan and rationalize to the point it drives me crazy. My husband screams 'just do it!' Even when I'm driving, my entire route is planned to my destination and back. I want to tell you to 'just do it' too, but I know you have your own special way of doing things. So I'll wait patiently. :) I mentioned once that I'd lost Too Darn Hot -- well, I finally found it hiding under the sofa. Tells you what kind of housekeeper I am, doesn't it? We have books piled everywhere. :)

Picks By Pat said...

I guarantee that I'll read it, and if I show it to my wife, she'll read it as well. That makes two.

Anyone want to join in? I'm sure we can find one more person to take the pledge. Heck, I bet we can double or triple that number!

Still, that idea of going back to bed sounds pretty good most mornings.

Judith said...

Please do write it. I've just discovered your novels and I'm hooked.

Jess said...

Is anyone here familiar with Oceanview Publishing? It's small. Here's the link. A friend went to a conference in Nashville, met with one of the Oceanview editors and was very impressed with the editor and their books.

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