Monday, July 24, 2006

Don't Say A Word

Of course you have to say a word, more than a word, if you’re being interviewed.  I’ve been interviewed many times.  By phone, in person, through email.  So I do know that what you say can be slanted in a way that makes you sound cranky, arrogant and even mean.  But most reporters are great.  They take what you say and put quotes around your words.  And in between they write something they’ve learned about you.  Then there are the others.

I don’t know how many people will bother to go to the link posted on  Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind of an interview with me (well, probably now you will) or who will care or who will believe every word.  Some will and I want to set the record straight.

Mostly because I feel attacks coming.  I DID NOT DIS Mary Higgins Clark, or Janet Evanovich.  This sentence sounds like I did.  “They send those two on tour around the country, too.”  I was asked a question which was “who gets big ads and is sent on tours?”  I gave him an example.  Clark and Evanovich.  Now that’s when I should not have said a word I should’ve said something like “people on the bestseller lists.”  But I’m not a devious person, thinking and plotting and measuring every word.

The rest was slanted and twisted and garbled and there were tons of errors.  But I don’t care about that.  I simply didn’t want it getting around that I’d made some egregious remarks about two big names in crime writing.

So take this as a warning to be careful what you say.


Shirley Buxton said...

I have never seen your site until today. Enjoyed reading here tremendously.

Wish you every blessing and continued success.

Shirley Buxton

Martha O'Connor said...

I don't see the link at Confessions.... Am I missing something??

Chris Doolittle said...

SS may call me a stool pigeon but at Confessions look along the right hand column and you will see Idiosyncratic Interviews. Click there!