Monday, February 20, 2006

What could I have been thinking?

I can’t write a book of this type.  Who do I think I am?  Just because I can write and I can get published doesn’t mean I can write this kind of novel.  I love reading them.  But that’s probably where it ends. 

Can I write a literary novel?  No.

A romance? No.

Science Fiction? No.

Fantasy?  No.

Historical (before 1900?) No.

Of course I don’t want to write any of those.  Still, just because I want to write what I’m slinging on the page doesn’t mean I can do it justice. 

I’m going to read what I have so far and if it isn’t completely awful I’ll continue to not know how to do what I’m doing.  If ya get my drift.

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The Individualist said...

I guess everybody has a genre that he/she can do justice to, while the rest, even though they like reading, they might not necessarily be inspired enough to write about. Me? Am a budding author too. Do check out my blog when you get the time. Am developing my vocabulary constantly, even though people feel am in possession of a vocabulary that could more than do justice to a book. But am not convinced. Not yet.