Saturday, September 24, 2005

Delta and Numbers

I got word this week that Delta Airlines has bought an excerpt of This Dame for Hire for their inflight magazine.  No, I’ve never had this happen before.  And I wonder if somehow they believe this will keep them out of bankruptcy.

My worry about a new contract was not completely paranoid.  Here is an exchange between my agent and editor.

Agent to editor: Do you want to talk about another 2 book deal? 
Editor to agent:  As for talking about another deal, yes!  I want to talk--but I'm told I have to wait another month (at least) for a clear picture of sales on Book One.  Can we make a date to talk at the end of October?
Didn’t I say that it was all about the numbers?  I did.  And this is what is meant above.  I will probably be offered a 2 book contract, but the offer will be dependent on the sales.  So they could offer me less money than what I got before.  If that happens, what will I do?
It doesn’t matter that all the reviews were positive; that the Mystery Guild bought it; audio bought it; Reader’s Digest and Delta weighed in.  Only the numbers count.
I’ve been publishing long enough to remember when numbers had nothing to do with a contract. 
So what will I do?
I have no idea.

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