Friday, January 07, 2005

Another Four Day Week

I've been very lucky.  My parents supported me when I went to NYC and wanted to be a writer.  Then I got a few different meaningless jobs.  The longest lasted for a year.  But I don't think I tried to write during those periods.

Later I supported myself through writing for TV.  Yes, some soaps.  The pay was great.  But the jobs were awful.

Eventually I sold my first novel which was a YA.  And I went on from there publishing many books.

The reason I'm writing the above is because I want to pay tribute to those people who have jobs and write, to those who run a household and write.  I'm finding running a household and writing at the same time incredibly difficult.

I don't know how people do this.  But they certainly have my admiration.  I don't have the luxury of not writing until my household returns to normal.  But I'm taking this day off anyway.  I can't face writing today.

I'll try again on Monday.

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