Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Plan

I'm planing two things.   One is that I'm going to put up another eBook. It's a book that was published eight years ago. It was titled BEAUTIFUL RAGE.  But now it seems that every other book is called Beautiful Something. I feel I have to change the title, but I hate to. Also I can't think of another title.

The other plan is that I'm going to put a chapter a week of a book I never sold, never tried to sell and never finished.  Why?

Honestly I don't know.  Maybe I'll know when I do it.

These plans don't take place for a few months.


susan in florida said...

just found your blog. Wish I had found it earlier. I would love to read some of your older Jack Early stuff. I will keep checking back.

I'm reading "I'll be leaving you always" right now. I'm enjoying it.

thanks susan in florida

sha said...

thank you for the post

Anonymous said...
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