Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One More Book--Free For a Day.

Who remembers "Queen for a Day?"

The book is RAZZAMATAZZ and it will be free on the 14th of this month.  One day only.

I wrote it under the pseudonym Jack Early.

The last thing veteran reporter Colin McGuire , fleeing his job on a big-city newspaper in the wake numbing personal tragedy, expects to find in sleepy little Seaville on Long Island’s North Fork is murder. In a few short weeks Seaville has brought him friends, some comfort and perhaps more in the person of Annie Winters, who is also trying to build a new life. But as the murders multiply, so, too, do the questions and the doubts. Friends suspect friends, lovers suspect lovers and sooner or later a lot of people begin to suspect Colin.

This is one of those down-to-the-wire stories, very well written, guaranteed to keep you flipping the pages.
*New York Times

New writer Jack Early (Sandra Scoppettone) ranks with Leonard, Ludlum and King.
*Tacoma, WA. News-Tribune

Crisp writing, plus abundant surprises will keep readers riveted until the last page.
*Publishers Weekly

Clever plotting, unflagging suspense, authentic dialogue all adds up to firmly compelling, fully satisfying suspense.
*Kirkus Reviews

It is almost impossible to avoid being caught up in this marvelously well-told story.

I don't see how anyone can resist this!

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Unknown said...

Greetings Sandra. Though I have been a fan of your writing for decades, I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago. As I have been exploring self-publishing a a novel I edited (written by Myra Love), I found it helpful to hear about your process releasing your early fiction on the web. It's easy in some ways and yet not trivial. In any event, we have published a novel and have another in the pipeline. I wonder if you would consider reading either or both and writing a review (of any length. Just a line or two we could quote would be fantastic).

A quick description. I like to say Other People's Dreams opens with a suspicious death, includes a daughter's struggle with her aging father, but is mainly the story of Virginia and Leticia, the lives they've chosen, and how they react when circumstances bring them together again years after their high school romance had ended in a storm. It's a pretty quick read (not aspiring to be literature). The novel yet to be published is My Life as a Poet. I think of the main character as Harriet the Spy in high school. Minerva has little to say to her classmates and parents and plenty to say about them. Through her best friend who is gay, Minerva finds her way into the gay community in Philadelphia in the 1980's. Her experiences give her a new perspective on just about everything.

I hope to hear from you. If you agree, please let me know how to share the manuscripts with you.

Martha Merson