Thursday, May 17, 2007

Publishing Hell

You’re not alone.  This is well worth reading An Author's Nightmare . See for youself what you’re probably in for.


Jess said...

Tried to pull up the article in NYT but couldn't. Anyway... husband comes in from Scotland this afternoon and we'll be heading to Houston on Sunday where I'll be trapped in a hotel for the next two weeks. Since my daughter's cast off laptop isn't wireless, I'll probably be away from the internet. Oh well...I'll finish my book and read on yours. In fact, couldn't resist. I've already started yours. :)) Yeah, I know, should have finished it but the older I get the slower I read. My best to you, Sandra. Hope you're having fun drinking Starbucks coffee, people watching, reading and enjoying the slower pace.

Bill Peschel said...

Me too. It's a TimesSelect article, so you have to pay to play.

Can't even get the headline to come up in the search box.

Perhaps it's for the best. I'm having enough nightmares now with the WIP to want more.