Monday, November 20, 2006

Back In Business

I’m not sure what business I mean here.  I guess the business of seeing.  Operation successful, patient lived to see another day.

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck.

This week I have more doctor appointments and then there’s Thanksgiving, so settling down to continue to write my book isn’t an option.  But it is an option next Monday.  I hate to give myself a starting date in case I don’t make it.  Still, Monday the 27th is what I’m shooting for.

Meanwhile, I won’t be reading Thomas Pynchon’s new book.  I wouldn’t be reading anyone’s book that is 1,088 pages long.  I’m from the school of less is more.  What could any novelist have to say that needs over 1000 pages to say it in?  I sniff narcissism.

I also don’t want to spend my time decoding whatever is in those 1000 pages.  I want to read books that tell me a story in robust prose.  I don’t mean that everything has to be linear but I do like a beginning, middle and end.  Most of all I like to understand what I’m reading. And I admit that I don’t understand Pynchon.  Yes, I tried once.  I was young and naive and I thought I had to read everything that was touted as literary.  Some I enjoyed.  Pynchon I did not.  I have no idea what V is about.  I tried more than once.  I had the time then.

Call me a philistine, I don’t care.


Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Phyllis Stein!

ORION said...

This is SO refreshing to hear. I am enjoying your blog immensely.
As a writer, I agonize over making sure I am well read with "Litratuuure" and then find myself curled up in a corner re reading Gaudy Night for the millionth time...or a well worn Georgette Heyer...

Dr. Lisa said...

Oh I love that book (Gaudy Night).
Anyway, I'm glad the eyes are on the mend for you and I hope Monday shapes up, too. Eat turkey or whatnot and take care of yourself!

tess gerritsen said...

So glad to hear the eyes are doing well!