Saturday, September 02, 2006

Short Story

I’ve read a lot of short stories in the past five days.  I’m surprised by them.  Crime stories aren’t anything like I thought they’d be.  I thought you’d have to solve a crime and I haven’t come across one that does that.  They seem to be more O’Henry type endings.

Now I’m sorry I said no to all those other offers to be in an anthology.  See what comes from not reading the manual.

Anyway, I have my opening line.

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John Baker said...

Like you, I've steered clear of writing short-stories. When I was younger I tried (sometimes successfully) to write short stories, but I was always in love with the novel, and it's such a different form.
Whenever I've felt that I had to write a short story, it's always ended up taking far longer than I'd estimated.
But good luck with it. I'm sure it'll be worth the effort.