Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The summer is almost over and I got through the few promotions I had to do after suffering both in life and here.

Instead of using these last two weeks before I hit the novel keys to enjoy myself I’ve done something to make my life a mess again.  After everything I said about short stories on August 18th I’ve agreed to do one for an anthology.

Why?  It’s true that the premise interested me.  But so what.  I’ve been asked to contribute a ss to many different anthologies that sounded promising and I’ve always managed to say no.  Managed?  I simply siad no for the reasons I’ve stated before.  I always wished that I could contribute, especially when asked by someone I liked and respected.  But I felt I wasn’t capable.

So why did I feel capable this time?  I have no idea, but now I don’t.  And that’s where the angst comes in.  Ever since I agreed to write a story I’ve been depressed, anxious, angry and miserable.  But I don’t want to write an email saying I’ve changed my mind.  I made a commitment and I always try to stick to them.

But what if I actually write one and it’s no good?

Isn’t it nice to have me back complaining about writing?  A new year (I always count September as the new year as if I were still in school) is about to start and before my complaints begin about writing the novel I’ll be here typing out what I’m going through over the writing of the ss.

I’m going to try to use this assignment (I know I gave it to myself) as a way to ease back into writing that peculiar novel I was working on before the summer.  Someone is waiting for the ss and that’s more than I can say about the novel.

I am, BTW, very flattered that I was asked.  The first thing I’m going to do is read some ss. If anyone has a suggestion of what crime story anthology I should read I would appreciate it.

No vampires, please.


oncRN said...

you wrote an incredible short story several years was excellent. you are more than capable. you will, if you choose, write another incredible one. i hope you do.

ChrisGCE-NOW said...

I would say check out the most recent issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine EXCEPT the Jury Box reviewer was not exactly taken with Too Darn Hot, something nitpicky about old movie stars' names you chose (I loved it and hope there's at least one more in the series!) and only 50% or so of each month's stories are well written/entertaining. If EQMM happens to be the anthology you would be contributing your ss to, it would be a welcome improvement!

Sandra Scoppettone said...

I have that issue. I got it because on the page opposite the Jury Box is a wonderful review of this blog. I didn't know Breen had reviewed me though. Thanks for the heads up.

The strange thing about the movie star names is that there are three reactions to it. 1. People love it. 2.People find it annoying as he did. 3.People don't even notice it.

It's not EQMM I'm contributing to (I don't think they solicit) but I appreciate your faith in me. Thank you so much.

Estef said...

Hi, i luv ur blog, its intresting, i was just wondering though why you so vehemently hate vampires lol out of all things thats the onlything u mentioned that isn't somthing to suggest lol , so i was simply curius as to why you dont like them?