Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Email

Hello, Agent

I got your voice message.

Hereabouts this week is jam-packed with launch meetings for next year--both the preparations for the meetings and then actually giving the presentations; so every minute is precious.

Once the dust settles next week and I can get people focused on something other than the launch, I'll set in motion the Sandra Scoppettone discussion.  Thanks for your patience.



Paula said...

So, what does this "editor-speak" mean? Will you offer us your translation?

Sandra Scoppettone said...

I don't know what it means, that's why it's a bit upsetting. I find it odd that the editor and the powers that be haven't made a decision yet about what to offer me if anything.

However, when I queried my agent she wrote:

I think it's as he says. They were preparing their next list and now that that's over he will go around and talk to people about the next two books. Im not worried. Im not worried because it never occurred to me that there was any problem. I think their offer will be based on what their presell is and the numbers from the first book.

I suppose I should find that comforting but I don't.

I hope you understand that they don't call each other agent and editor. I did that to protect the innocent!