Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's Here

The manuscript has arrived.  I was out all day so I haven’t looked at it.  I’ve taken it out of the envelope that leaked the hideous gray stuff all over me and my floor, but I haven’t taken the rubber bands off the manuscript and I won’t do that until tomorrow.

I don’t feel great apprehension because I don’t expect to be asked to rewrite whole chapters or even great chunks of a chapter.  I think my editor would’ve indicated that if it was the case.

The really good news is that I received a check today which is the last payment for TDFH.  Except when the tons of royalties start rolling in.  Right. 

I do hate the thought of having to go to bed at 10 and up at 7 even if it’s only for a few days.  I’m so spoiled.

1 comment:

Anne Bonney, Pirate said...

I've ordered, received and read TDFH already so look for a small royalty check, anyway.

While I can understand your need to write with new characters, I really enjoyed having a lesbian PI who had more brains and so well developed over the tripe put out by the mostly lesbian publishing houses.

Might you develop another lesbian main character?

I'm a devoted reader of your work, regardless.