Thursday, April 21, 2005

What A Difference A Day Makes

I kept my eye on the prize today and got a lot done. Advanced the story, brought in something to throw the reader off...maybe. Set myself up to meet with new characters tomorrow. And the writing wasn't bad either. I feel so much better than yesterday.


So what do you do when your editor wants one kind of title and you want another? I've explained to him why I don't want to fashion a title with a particular twist because I've done something like it with my Laurano series. He's still for me doing this even though he's given me the last word. Maybe I'm wrong. It's happened. I'm looking for some happy medium that will please us both. Haven't found it yet.

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Kat Michael said...

Ok, I do have a couple of cents worth of input on the editor/title issue. Give it a try. True, another of your series used the twist in the title trick. Did it not work? Perhaps try a different spin on the trick. Could be just what the novel needs. In the end, trust your gut. I am finding your blog incredibly refreshing.-----Kat Michael